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Stattbad Wedding
Gerichtstrasse 65
13347 Berlin
Coworking space
Number of desks: Plenty
Stattbad Wedding
Co-working at STTATTBAD Wedding Stattbad is now offering a new co-working area - more than 120 square meters of functional and airy space, located in the former changing rooms on the 1st floor. Old and new elements are married up into a smart multi-desk console, planned and designed by the architects Dengler&Hartmann. Each work space boasts a table light, individual storage units and a connection to a network-enabled printer. A designated lounge area can be used to make phone calls, hold meetings or simply kick back and take a break away from the keyboard. 16 desk spaces are currently available of which 12 individual and 4 combined into a separate co-work space. Every occupant is provided with a key for around-the-clock access, seven days per week, as well as her or his individually numbered secure locker. The famous Stattbar is conveniently located in the Stattbad foyer. Here, co-work occupants can enjoy a caffeine boost or snacks at a reduced price. Like everywhere at Stattbad, art and culture remain at the heart of the co-work concept. Creative workaholics of all trades are mostly welcome to take advantage of the monthly agenda of workshops and round-table events - an optimal environment for networking and taking one's creativity up another notch. Access to the above package is provided on a monthly rental basis for 180€ per month (incl. VAT). Ad-hoc and project based reservations can also be arranged upon request. We look forward to your application: cowork@stattbad.net
Our features:
  • Projector
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Gadgets!
Price per desk:
month 180 EUR Euro
Cowork 2 Cowork 4 Cowork 7 Cowork 12 Stattbar 2