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mallorca 82
08029 Barcelona
Phone +34 656 456 281
Coworking space
Number of desks: Some
Coworking area for digital professionals (Eixample Left) We could describe ourselves as a coworking centre, shared office, business centre, remote working centre or any other similar name you might like to think of, but we simply like to refer to ourselves as Kowork - as it's more than just about sharing a place to work. We are a professional, social workspace dedicated to the digital world and enjoy an atmosphere which is conducive to cooperating in multidisciplinary projects where people can come and go as they please, and work as they want with all the flexibility in the world. We welcome freelancers, tandems and trios (or any combination really) that are looking to share a workspace, professional experience and the warmth of other like-minded people. What we mainly have in mind are people working in areas such as graphics, arts, technology and similar fields. We share a large (120 m² + terraces) space in perfect condition and with all the services a professional in the sector might require. We tend to be around 7 - 12 people at a time, depending on current projects. For each workplace, we offer: a table, chair, chest of drawers, shelf and basic services (FTTH/Wi-Fi connectivity, kitchen, cleaner, etc.) and a quiet, pleasant place to work. The price per workplace (with a returnable, one-month deposit) includes everything we mentioned above. We also offer a range of other services which can be contracted separately for a small fee: VoIP telephone line, printing/scanning service, meeting room with projector and additional hardware or office furniture. Get in touch with us at kowork@kowork.cat or give us a ring on +34 656456281 and we'll be happy to show you around. We are located where C. Mallorca meets C. Viladomat (Barcelona).
Our features:
  • Non-Smoking
  • Projector
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Comfy Couch
  • Flat Screens
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Gadgets!
  • Locker
  • 24/7
Price per desk:
day 120 EUR Euro
week 120 EUR Euro
month 120 EUR Euro
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