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Gerichtstra├če 25
13347 Berlin
Phone 0175 655 01 45
Number of desks: Some
BLINKBLINK is an interactive open design studio in Berlin Wedding-district. The premises are available for events of a cultural kind and provide an infrastructure which is specifically adapted to creative people / working nomads. The use of the rooms will be temporary always. Therefore short-term projects like co-working, co-creating, co-crafting, workshops, readings, exhibitions, cultural events, photo shootings, birthday parties, meetings, blogger-get-togethers, pop-up-stores & showrooms etc. are very welcome! There are 4 Seats available at the big white Table. The big black room is for exhibitions or pop-up-stores or or or ... Wedding-district is the new place to be in Berlin. BLINKBLINK supports it's lokal ghetto, u'll find awesome underground locations around. http://blinkblink-blinkblink.blogspot.de/p/gerichtstrasse-25.html
Our features:
  • Locker
  • 24/7
Price per desk:
day 5 EUR Euro
week 25 EUR Euro
month 100 EUR Euro
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