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Anita Soyal
IHDP Business Park, Plot No. 7, Sector 127
201313 Noida
Uttar Pradesh
Coworking space
Number of desks: Plenty
Anita Soyal
Serenia is a space with a difference. In a knowledge-based economy thoughtful workers equal good business. Designing office spaces for clarity of mind is fundamentally different from designing factories for manufacturing or workshops for assembling, or stores for selling. This thought has led us to the next era of workplace design - the Biophilic design era. Biophilic design is unique in its level of influence because it transcends simple furniture styles and office layouts, and has made a direct impact on contemporary architecture and commercial building practices. Biophilic design is an architectural framework that weaves patterns of nature into the built environment, strengthening the human-nature connection. What makes the trend work though, is through the effective incorporation of natural elements such as stone, various types of wood, living green walls, water features, and plants into the interior environment.
Our features:
  • Meeting Room
  • Air Con
  • Smoking Area
  • Parking
  • Peace and Quiet
Price per desk:
month 12000 INR India Rupees
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