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Plázida Coworking in Madrid
1 Calle Vandergoten
28014 Madrid
Comunidad de Madrid
Phone 628 32 90 44
Coworking space
Number of desks: Plenty
Plázida Coworking in Madrid
The first coworking space for digital nomads in Madrid is in the exceptional facilities of Loom House in the Royal Tapestry Factory. Ergonomic workstations, bright light, brick walls, high ceilings and historical gardens located in the center of the city. We believe in work spaces that are open to promote interaction and transparency. We want to help you in your journey, offer our expertise and listen to your needs. If you have been traveling over 20 hours, wouldn’t you be grateful if someone picked you up at the airport? If you can’t communicate with the locals in Spanish, wouldn’t you like to learn the essential phrases you need to enjoy your stay? If you don’t know the city, wouldn’t it be great to get a guide that is made with your needs in mind? This is our secret recipe for happiness: surround yourself with a community that supports, inspires and motivates you; get personalized and mindful exercise; enjoy healthy, organic, nutritious and tasty food; be kind to yourself, giving without waiting for anything in exchange and receiving in the same way. In this coworking space we dare to innovate without asking for permission and grow with the people who are around us, fostering real collaboration in a casual and spontaneous way.
Price per desk:
day 25 EUR Euro
week 100 EUR Euro
month 130 EUR Euro
 mg 9212 min min  mg 8193 min  mg 8167 min  mg 8146 min  mg 9448 min