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Bzzz Bee Hive Coworking
Rua de S. Bernardo
1200-824 Lisboa
Coworking space
Number of desks: Plenty
Bzzz Bee Hive Coworking
Bzzz Bee Hive Coworking is an Incubator where entrepreneurs, startups, VC's and Investors can share space ideas and co work in a friendly environment with lots of coffee, cookies and hot chocolate. Open 24H/7 it is all up to the entrepreneur to make something happen. We gather the most bright minds under one roof.
Our features:
  • Dog
  • Espresso Machine
  • Filter Coffee
  • Meeting Room
  • Projector
  • Kitchen
  • Comfy Couch
  • Flat Screens
  • Garden
  • Gadgets!
  • Public Transport
  • Locker
  • 24/7
Price per desk:
YAY - it's free!
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